Happy One Year Blogging Anniversary to Me!

I received official notification from WordPress that my blog is now a year old:


Thank you to friends, followers, and everyone in this wonderful writing community for your friendship and support. I love working with writers, and my goal for my blog posts is to provide useful content that will help you whether you write for publication or “just because.” In honor of this auspicious occasion, I’m listing links to some of my most popular articles and guest posts from the last 12 months, and I hope I’ve grouped these in a way that makes searching topics a bit easier for you. Feel free to add a comment on any of them—your comments are always welcome.


Struggling with Revisions? Try Playing with Paper Dolls

Self-Editing Checklist for Fiction Writers Part I: Macro Issues

Self-Editing Checklist for Fiction Writers Part II: Micro Issues

Keep Your Readers Reading: 4 Easy Ways to Improve Sentence Structure

Self Editing: Put Your Book on a Diet

How to Save Money on Editing by Preparing Your Manuscript

4 Easy Ways Self-Publishing Authors Can Save Money on Professional Editing 


How to Survive “The Shock”: Your First Round of Editing

How a Professional Editor Can Help You Get Published: Developmental and Substantive Editing

Manuscript Editing Demystified

Can You Hear Me Now? Finding a Freelance Editor Who Listens

Testing, Testing: How to Choose a Freelance Editor

Can You Be Objective About Your Own Writing?

3 Things You Shouldn’t Hire an Editor to Do

Copyediting or Proofreading: 5 Steps to Determine What You Need

Beware of Snake-Oil Salesmen in the Editing Biz

When Your Character Is “Reaping Havoc,” You NEED an Editor!

I Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Editor! Or Do I?

5 Reasons Why You MUST Hire a Proofreader: My Guest Blog at The Life of a Thinker


What Is It? Avoid Undefined Pronouns to Strengthen Your Writing

4 Simple Answers to the Question “Where Do Those Pesky Periods Go, Anyway?”

Effective Writing Isn’t Affected, Part I

Effective Writing Isn’t Affected, Part II

Minimize, Don’t Nominalize: Effective Writing Isn’t Affected, Part 3

Pass the Passive Writing, Please!

“Being” a Being Who Has a Pet Grammar Peeve

Becoming a Better Writer

Struggling with Revisions? Try Playing with Paper Dolls

Vacation: Embracing the Pause That Refreshes

How to (Almost) Instantly Improve Your Writing

4 Things Writing and Filing Taxes Have in Common

How Descriptive Are Your Verbs?

Present Tense: Breathlessly Waiting to Read About What’s Already Happened

The Procrastination Station

Synonyms for Said

The Fear of Making a Mistake


Why You Must Create a Compelling Book Description

Should Fiction Writers Bother with Blogs and Websites?

Blogging IS Writing

10 Reasons You Need an Editor for Indy Publishing

How a Professional Editor Can Help You Get Published: Manuscript Evaluation

How a Professional Editor Can Help You Get Published: Proofreading

How a Professional Editor Can Help You Get Published: Copyediting

. . . and A Little About Me

A Thank-You Letter to My Dad on Father’s Day

Dream a Dream

A Love Affair with Words

What a Difference a Year Makes

I hope you’ll bookmark this page and refer to it when you’re looking for information to help you on your writing journey. Feel free to share this list or any individual posts on your own blog, too–and thank you!

Happy Writing!


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Candace Johnson is a professional freelance editor, proofreader, writer, ghostwriter, and writing coach who has worked with traditional publishers, self-published authors, and independent book packagers on nonfiction subjects ranging from memoirs to alternative medical treatments to self-help, and on fiction ranging from romance to paranormal. As an editorial specialist, Candace is passionate about offering her clients the opportunity to take their work to the next level. She believes in maintaining an author’s unique voice while helping him or her create and polish every sentence to make it the best it can be.

35 thoughts on “Happy One Year Blogging Anniversary to Me!”

    1. Thanks so much, Chris, and I’m happy you’re here, too! This blogging stuff can be addictive; I bet your one-year anniversary will roll around before you even realize it’s coming (kinda like the holidays, right?).

  1. All I can say is, you’re amazing! I’m so glad I found you. I appreciate all the great info and support you provide. Your positive attitude is a real lift to the spirit of this writer, as I’m sure it is to the others who follow and work with you. I know great things are in your future because it is very obvious to me that you love what you do. Thanks, Candace, for your inspiration and non-judgmental approach to what is often a painful process for writers.

    1. Dorothy, you brought tears to my eyes! Not only do I enjoy working with you, but knowing that my help and support are helping you as a writer means the world to me. I do love what I do, and I am so grateful for your support and kudos.

  2. You are my go to resource for writing and editing information. Always there, always happy and willing to share you expertise. The world needs more people like you, Candace. Congrats on one year; don’t forget about us little writers when you’ve gone big time 🙂

    1. LOL, Oliver, I’d say the same to you! I plan to use my bragging rights one day soon: “I knew him when he was just blogging about beer and spinning fantastic stories.” Thanks so much for your kind words and your continued support!

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