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You’ve spent hours, days—perhaps even months—perfecting your work. You’ve checked and rechecked to be sure it’s perfect. So why do you need an editor?

A professional freelance editor is, in essence, a manuscript doctor. When I work with a writer (whether as a developmental editor, copyeditor, or proofreader), my goal is to help you shape your work into the most polished and professional writing possible. This guidance might be as much as suggesting major changes in structure or organization, or as little as correcting some spelling, syntax, or grammar issues. My overarching principle is to maintain your voice while helping you improve your writing. You’ll know I was there to help, but the reader will never see evidence of me.

Change It Up Editing is a boutique editorial service. My fees are based on project-specific editing; unlike some editing sites, I don’t charge a flat fee based on word or page count. Every project is as unique as its author, and my fees are based on the work I actually do, not on a preset pricing structure. You wouldn’t expect to pay for your entire house to be painted when you only want the trim touched up; likewise, you shouldn’t be asked to pay for editing work you don’t want or need. With Change It Up Editing, you only pay for the actual work performed, not the per-word or per-page price you’ll find quoted by some editing mills.

Many first-time authors as well as casual or informal writers of blogs, newsletters, and websites erroneously believe that editors are a luxury they just can’t afford. But I believe you can’t afford to not use one! If you are serious about your writing, and especially if you hope to be published, you need a team member who is a professional editor and can help you where you need help. Let’s discuss your needs and how I best fit as a member of your team. Contact me today at cyjohnson5580 (at) gmail (dot) com or 954-348-1963 for a no-obligation quote.

Here are some of the editing services provided by Candace Johnson at Change It Up Editing and Writing Services:

  • Developmental Editing (nonfiction only)
  • Copyediting
  • Proofreading
  • Manuscript Evaluation
  • Book Proposal Evaluation and Editing
  • Coaching
  • Blog and Article Editing

Have something else in mind? Feel free to call me at 954-348-1963 or send me an e-mail at cyjohnson5580@gmail.com and let’s chat about it. I hate high-pressure sales, and I won’t do that to you, I promise! There is no obligation if you call, and you will speak directly to me, not sales staff.

I really love what I do, and I’d love to help you make your book or article the best it can be!

Want to know more about me? Two recent clients had this to say:

All I can say is, you’re amazing! I’m so glad I found you. I appreciate all the great info and support you provide. Your positive attitude is a real lift to the spirit of this writer, as I’m sure it is to the others who follow and work with you. I know great things are in your future because it is very obvious to me that you love what you do. Thanks, Candace, for your inspiration and non-judgmental approach to what is often a painful process for writers.”

—Dorothy Sander, AgingAbundantly.com and author of Caring for Mom

I was wary of sharing my novel with a freelance editor, but Candace had come highly recommended from people I trust.

“As an editor, Candace is firm and fair. As an advocate, she is cheerful, endlessly encouraging, and tirelessly vigilant. Not only did she give me specific feedback and actionable advice on how I could improve my manuscript, Candace also offered to answer any questions I had and even took a look at one of my revised chapters to see if I was on the right track.

“The publishing world is about as welcoming as Tatooine with a third sun. Working to get a novel published is a daunting task, but Candace has been the Yoda to my whinny Luke Skywalker. I am proud to call Candace a friend and blessed to have her on my team.”

—Will Morgan, All Things Screen and @AllThingsScreen on Twitter


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