“I was unsure whether or not to use an editor. I’d read how crucial it was. But I thought the manuscript was tight. I’d already used several beta readers, and had poured over the manuscript many times. In addition, I was reluctant to spend the money, just didn’t think it was going to be worth it.

Boy, was I wrong, and boy was I lucky to have found Candace Johnson. Candace was professional and easy to work with from the start. I thought I had the manuscript formatted correctly, but I didn’t, and Candace deftly fixed everything. Every suggestion she had, every word choice and general thought, was relevant and right. And she found any and every mistake. She’s a master! I can’t recommend her enough. I promise you, you’ll be glad you decided to use an editor, and you’ll be glad you decided to use Candace Johnson.”

                                                                        —Jeff R. McGowan, author of Confessions of a Cloak Artist


“It has been a pleasure from start to finish working with Candace on my science fiction novel. She is approachable, professional and extremely knowledge at what she does. As a new writer, I wanted someone who could guide me through the editing process, and with Candace, the whole experience felt effortless. The editing feedback is simple to follow with clear explanations or questions. You quickly realize that Candace is as passionate about your work as you are, and I consider myself very fortunate to have benefited from her expert advice on editing and so much more.”
G. L. Cromarty, author of Divided Serenity


completed“Even the most polished writer is going to make mistakes and use ideas that felt great at the time but aren’t. Candace Johnson will catch them, thus saving you from years of regret and asking yourself, ‘Uh. How did I let that through?’

“If you’re a writer with a manuscript that needs editing, Candace Johnson is the best friend you never knew you had.”
Alex Vorkov, author of Awkward Stage

The Memory Box_3D


“The minute you hire Candace to help polish your manuscript, you have taken a giant step closer to success. I knew right away that my story was as important to Candace as it was to me. She protected it fiercely, and during a process fraught with emotion (mine!) she was a calming, thoughtful, professional, sensitive, honest, and generous. I will never forget the day I asked her a question that she couldn’t answer. Instead of pretending that she knew and giving me false information, she said, “I don’t know, but I’ll find out and get right back to you.” That’s when she turned to her close-knit editor posse of 100+ professionals to dig for the right explanation. I had immense respect and gratitude that her integrity as an editor was more important than ego. And Candace’s support doesn’t end when the manuscript goes to print. She continues to cheer you on every step of the way.”

Eva Lesko Natiello, author of the NEW YORK TIMES & USA TODAY bestseller The Memory Box



“If you were to compare my first draft and my final book manuscript, you would appreciate how Candace’s talents were essential to my final book. I cannot praise her enough for her understanding of what my book was about, her often massive re-organization, her copy editing, and the questions and comments that clarified and deepened my ideas and writing. I would not attempt to put together another book without securing Candace’s services. Why? I know through the months of her support that she can bring out the very best expression and fullness of my writing and ideas. Candace, you are a gifted angel sent to me from Heaven.”

Anne Uemura, PhD, author of Listen to the Cries of Your Heart

511D7fEl4kL._SX324_BO1,204,203,200_“After many frustrating months and several disappointing rejections, my agent said I needed help. She told me to call Candace, and I’m so glad I did. Candace helped me to say what I was trying to say. I needed to take scientific concepts and make them simple to understand and relatable. With Candace’s masterful editing, I was finally able to land that book deal.”

Dawn Maslar, author of Men Chase, Women Choose

“I cannot praise highly enough the role and hand that Candace took in this endeavor. Granted, I did the researching and the writing, which was challenging because I was not used to writing what was essentially a marketing-and-sales document. But Candace was an expert guide, pointing out what was needed, making specific suggestions, occasionally rewriting sentences herself to match what was called for, and making such detailed “catches” about such copyediting necessities as spacing, bulleted lists, and so on that I was really very impressed (and I am an editor, as well). So I praise her for her clarity and competence, and ability to point the way.

“This probably would have been enough, had this been all there was to it. But there was more. Candace was kind, compassionate, and cooperative throughout. She never judged, only said what would help the book proposal do what it’s meant to do; she became a cheerleader for the author’s success and my own, and she celebrated with us when at last the (superb) book proposal was done.” Read full testimonial.

—Naomi Rose, book developer and editor, Oakland, CA

“I will be forever grateful to Patricia O’Gorman, PhD (Girly Thoughts, The Resiliant Woman, and others) for introducing me to Candace. As a newcomer to the world of book publishing, I felt bewildered and intimidated. Candace has patiently and generously helped me as I stumble and learn. She is a wonderful coach, educator, hand holder, and friendly soul. Soon after we met, I called her a Spiritual Literary Midwife because of her graciousness as she helps authors give birth to wonderful books. Little did I know she would help me give birth to something more important: My voice.”

Bick Wanck MD, budding hopeful author
founder, Bick Wanck MD and Associates
founding member, American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry

“Candace Johnson is simply remarkable—her work product is superb and her input invaluable. Years ago 51BPWwhpqcL._SX367_BO1,204,203,200_a New York literary agent recommended I contact her and I have had the pleasure of working with her on numerous projects ever since. Candace has “saved me” too many times to count—blogs, proposals, books, articles, white papers, letters, talks, presentations and a variety of complex assignments—needed yesterday, of course—are all handled with the utmost professionalism and grace. Candace is consistently prompt, creative, accurate, responsive, organized and helpful beyond words (no pun intended). I highly recommend Candace and thoroughly enjoy working with her.”

—Terry Cralle, RN, coauthor of Sleeping Your Way to the Top and Snoozby and the Great Bedtime Battle

Getting Over Growing Older

“Lucky is the writer who has Candace Johnson as an editor. And I am one of those lucky writers. Besides her professional attitude and timely manner of working, I was grateful, above all, that she never lost her enthusiasm for my book. It helped me overcome the moments when doubts or insecurity came my way. I know that without her my book would not be the same, or even exist.

“I remember when we first spoke on the telephone, her friendly voice and her no problem attitude made me feel comfortable and reassured me that I would not be alone on this journey. Herzlichen Dank.”

Brigitte Nioche, author of Getting Over Growing Older

a halo of mushrooms“Candace provides a sure hand with a light touch that allows your voice to sing while being grounded within a strong structure. Her knowledge of the mechanics of language and her feel for its sweep is something a writer needs.”

Andrew Hiller, author of A Halo of Mushrooms


Happy Gut“I knew from the minute I spoke to Candace that she was the editor I wanted to work with.  Her easy manner and ability to connect with your voice were the selling points for me. I had written a foundation for the proposal, but Candace took it and filled it in like a barren landscape that needed painting and depth. Working hand in hand with her was a joy. It really made the writing seem so easy. With her keen eye for where the text needed more description or content, she helped me shape a book proposal that not only got the eye of one publisher, but four interviews.  And in the process, she astutely kept my voice in the writing. Starting off with a proposal in the raw, she helped me shape a proposal that put me in the best position possible to select the publisher I wanted. I am so appreciative of my agent, Stephany Evans, at Fine Print Literary Management, for not only showing me the importance and key role an editor plays in the preparation of a book proposal, but also for connecting me with Candace. Her response time was always excellent, and I’m hoping she won’t get too busy for me. I look forward to working together on the manuscript.”

—Vincent Pedre, MD, author of Happy Gut


“I was very fortunate to find Candace when I needed a professional editor for my first indie-published novel, Far Away and Ever farawayeverafter-kindleamazon-frontAfter. I had zero experience with sharing my work and receiving feedback, so it was with great apprehension that I turned my baby over to her. Candace is a skilled editor, yet she buffers the red pen with support and constructive suggestions. With her help, I was able to tighten my writing and let my story shine. I am looking forward to working with her for book #2! I wouldn’t dream of publishing it without her.”

Cheryl Fassett, author of Far Away and Ever After

25 Book Cover“It was truly a blessing to have Candace as my editor for my first book, 25 Inspirational Lessons I Learned from My Children.  As a first time author, I nervously interviewed several editors. I remember during our first phone conversation Candace was able to put me at ease quickly and promised to be fair and honest with me.  She was able to verbalize my thoughts and assure me of the steps we would take during the editorial process.  As I am in Ireland, it was important to find someone I could work with long distance, was accessible, and was able to give me suggestions to improve the book whilst respecting my voice as the author.   Throughout the editing process she was professional, friendly, encouraging, and exceeded my expectations.  She understood how personal the book was to me and my trepidation of taking the next step towards publication. I can honestly say as a first time author, Candace was instrumental in giving me the confidence to move forward and literally make a dream of mine come true.  Based on this experience, I have plans for a second book and hope to work with her again.”

—Michelle Downey, author of 25 Inspirational Lessons I Learned from My Children

Or Not to Be front cover galley“When I found Candace Johnson, I was inches away from publication of Or Not to Be, yet still hesitant (aka petrified) to take the last step. She helped to make me finally brave enough to share this story with the world. Candace was a patient, punctual, professional perfectionist who went above and beyond my hopes and expectations to polish up my manuscript for publication.”

—Laura Lanni, author of Or Not to Be


As Far Heart Can See“I had the gift of having Candace Johnson serve as the editor for my book of stories, As Far As the Heart Can See. Candace is that rare editor who is equal parts care and excellence, a talented writer herself. I highly recommend Candace. She is a blessing.”

—Mark Nepo, author of the #1 New York Times bestseller The Book of Awakening 



“As a psychologist, I’ve been trained to work collaboratively with a team. When I began to write, I looked for the same type of relationship and found this with Candace as my editor on my two most recent books. She is not only an excellent editor, but she also functions as part-time psychic who understands what I’m trying to say even when it’s not fully clear to me, my therapist as the pressure builds with deadlines, and a full-time optimist. And she manages to do all perfectly. Would I recommend Candace? You bet. She is not only skilled but such a pleasure to work with, and she makes it all fun!”

—Patricia O’Gorman, PhD., author of The 10-Day Girly Thoughts Detox PlanTheResilient Woman and coauthor of Healing Trauma Through Self-Parenting


“I consider myself among the most fortunate of writers to have had Candace Johnson as the editor of my first book. Not only is she enthusiastic, accommodating, and prompt, but also exceptionally skilled at the craft of writing. She edited with a consistently deft touch, not only drawing my attention gently but unerringly to passages that weren’t as clear as they needed to be, but also asking exactly the right questions about them—questions that forced me to figure out how to fix them myself. Most importantly, she knew what to leave alone. Candace not only supported my vision but shared it, proved herself my staunch advocate in dealing with my publisher, and concerned herself with every aspect of the process that gradually transformed my manuscript into a book. In sum, she cared as much about my book as I did. I can’t imagine I could have had a better experience, and I hope I have the opportunity to work with her again.”

—Alex Lickerman, MD, author of The Undefeated Mind: On the Science of Constructing an Indestructible Self

Kristen_Otte_Book2-Front_CoverI had the opportunity to work with Candace Johnson for my second installment of The Adventures of Zelda series. I hired her as the proofreader before I hit publish, and I am grateful for her careful attention to detail. Beyond her knowledge of the craft, she truly cares about the projects and helps promote and market the books she edits. I look forward to working with Candace again in the future!

—Kristen Otte, author of The Adventures of Zelda: The Second Saga


61SnYhRVM9L._SX384_BO1,204,203,200_It was pleasure working with a professional like Candace Johnson. She was always very responsive during the entire publishing phase of my book. I was thrilled when Candace answered all my questions overnight and did corrections in 24 hours for my book All About Diamonds! I highly recommend Candace Johnson to anyone, she is simply the best!

Lana Frank, author of All About Diamonds



How To Save Your Daughters Life“Candace was the editor for my book, How to Save Your Daughter’s Life, and I couldn’t have asked for a better person to do the job! Truly, Candace did fabulous work on the book. It went to print with a clean and error-free copy, and best of all, Candace managed to never lose my voice in her edits. Candace is a pleasure to work with and is someone I will be working with again when I need future books edited for publication.”

—Pat Brown, investigative criminal profiler and author of How to Save Your Daughter’s Life


MaureenFC“Before I had the publisher hit ‘print’ for my first book, I made sure I went to Candace Johnson to read over my manuscript. She is someone who I trust with all my writing projects. Not only is Candace a solid editor, she’s a great coach too. I have confidence in her and her expert advice. Thanks to Candace, I’m able to be a better storyteller. I would hire her immediately and refer other writers to her too.”

—Maureen Francisco, author of It Takes Moxie: Off the Boat, or Out of School, to Making Your Way in America

“When I started out as a novice, self-published author, my memoir was in great need of an expert editor.  Candace Johnson was that very expert. With her experience and insight, Candace molded my book into a living, breathing work of art, allowing my message to be conveyed and my voice to be heard.  She went above and beyond the scope of any ordinary editor.  Candace personally invested herself in my book and took a keen interest to ensuring that the book would be the best it could be.”

—Melissa Binstock, author of Nourishment: Feeding My Starving Soul When My Mind and Body Betrayed Me 

“After two years and five rewrites, my first novel was my very best work—and then Candace made it so much better. Her expertise in editing trimmed away what was unnecessary and rejuvenated what was left, exposing the ‘masterpiece’ I knew was there and was so proud to call my own.

“Candace works with what you give her and performs her magic so the reader will never know she was there. What she gives you back is something that always reads like you wrote it. And that’s what I like about her. She works diligently and efficiently, and she returns emails and phone calls promptly. The quality of her work is outstanding and brilliant.”

—Jamie Smolen, MD, author of Hooked: A Novel of Teenage Pain Pill Addiction, Hope, and Recovery

“I am delighted to give Candace Johnson my highest recommendation. She is an extraordinary editor, and wonderful person to boot. Candace edited my book, Growing Happy Kids, and I learned so much from her. I will always be grateful for this experience and her willingness to not only edit but hone my abilities as a writer. Thank you again, Candace.”

—Maureen Healy, author of Growing Happy Kids: How to Foster Inner Confidence, Success, and Happiness


For the past year, Candace Johnson has been an integral part of my life as I worked with her to complete a biography I’ve written about my only child, Lauren Terrazzano, who lost her battle with the dread disease of cancer.  Candace was my editor, and her knowledge, experience, and the structure she provided for my labor of love, in remembrance of my courageous daughter Lauren, truly helped me express the words bottled up within onto the pages of my book. Candace, be assured that my sincere appreciation is not bottled up within!  Thanks for everything!”

—Frank Terrazzano, author Life, with Cancer


“I’m just completing my first book, so to say that I’m a rookie with the publishing process is a massive understatement. Candace Johnson took me under her wing and patiently led me through the process. No question or request was too big or too small for her. When I called her, she actually answered the phone! Or if I left her a message, she returned my call within a very few minutes. She’s a seasoned professional who knows how to get things done, and she goes above and beyond to accomplish it. In addition to all of that, she’s a super lady to work with.  I’m looking forward to our next project.”

—LaDonna Gatlin, CSP, CPAE, author of The Song in You

“Working with you was one of the bright spots of this entire project.  I believe this book . . . will continue to shape lives for years to come.  From all those people you’ll never meet who will be affected by your efforts, let me say thanks!”

—Mike Marino, PhD, coauthor of The Song in You

“My experience working with Candace on The ACoA Trauma Syndrome was great. She is the consummate professional, has an eye for authenticity, is a stickler for detail, allows you to have your own, unique voice, and has an excellent eye toward organization. All of this and she is a sweetheart to work with in the bargain. She has worked in the front lines of book publishing and manuscript acquisition and knows what it takes to get a book to publication from soup to nuts.”

—Tian Dayton, PhD, author of The ACoA Trauma Syndrome: The Impact of Childhood Pain on Adult Relationships

“Candace Johnson is a pleasure to work with and has great experience and insider knowledge of the publishing industry.”

—Jill Marsal, agent, Marsal Lyon Literary Agency

“I had the opportunity to work with Candace on a project in 2011 when she was an acquisitions editor at HCI. The experience of working with her was so great. She is an insightful editor with an ability to not simply improve the flow of a manuscript, but with a talent for transforming it into a truly compelling work. I found her style to be warm, supportive, and very responsive, something I appreciated as much as her editorial skills. I recommend Candace to those looking for sharp editorial help delivered in a friendly and professional way.”

—Kristina Holmes, president and literary agent, The Holmes Agency

“Candace Johnson is one of those special editors who really listens to what her clients bring to the table and helps their work shine. She is authentic and cares about preserving her authors’ intentions and voice, and her understanding of the publishing industry runs deep. When it comes to books, she’s done it all! I’d recommend any writer I work with to hire Candace as an editor. She’s top notch.”

—Brooke Warner, founder, Warner Coaching Inc., publisher, She Writes Press

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  1. Very recently, I was able to land an agent and publisher for my upcoming book on addiction. It may sound like a cliché, but I could not have done it without Candace.

    A well-published friend recommended Candace to me, and she took me on sight-unseen. Candace knows her stuff with the language and with publishing; she also provided support when needed and a nudge when appropriate. Her feedback was usually spot-on and improved the text every time she reviewed it.

    When it came time to submit proposals to agencies, Candace suggested that we send the Proposal to an agent she thought would be interested along with queries to a number of others. Within a very short time I had an agent and, fortuitously, a book deal came through with the publisher I was hoping for.

    I could not be more grateful to Candace for her hard work and support. I highly recommend her.

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