Testimonial from a Fellow Editor

“I count it among my great blessings that I discovered the remarkable Candace Johnson through her website. As a book developer, I am in the business of helping people write books from inside out, not helping them get published. But when one client whose manuscript was finished wanted to be published by a traditional publisher, obviously a book proposal was in order. When I found Candace, I exulted that she was someone who could do the job well. And indeed she could have—if she had had the availability. But she did not, alas. However, I asked her to guide and critique the book proposal that I would write on my own, and to this she agreed.

I cannot praise highly enough the role and hand that Candace took in this endeavor. Granted, I did the researching and the writing, which was challenging because I was not used to writing what was essentially a marketing-and-sales document. But Candace was an expert guide, pointing out what was needed, making specific suggestions, occasionally rewriting sentences herself to match what was called for, and making such detailed “catches” about such copyediting necessities as spacing, bulleted lists, and so on that I was really very impressed (and I am an editor, as well). So I praise her for her clarity and competence, and ability to point the way.

This probably would have been enough, had this been all there was to it. But there was more. Candace was kind, compassionate, and cooperative throughout. She never judged, only said what would help the book proposal do what it’s meant to do; she became a cheerleader for the author’s success and my own, and she celebrated with us when at last the (superb) book proposal was done.

Would I have preferred it if she had been available to do it all herself? Probably. It would have saved me months of work, and the discomfort of doing something completely outside my comfort zone. But on the other hand, I now have some skills I didn’t have before, plus the confidence of having been taught and guided by one of the best. (She used to be an Acquisitions Editor at a publishing house.) And it was just plain a pleasure to work with her. If you choose to do the same, for whichever of Candace’s many writing-related skills you need, I am positive you will walk away with a smile on your face, and enjoy the process of working with her.”

Naomi Rose, Book Developer,

Oakland, CA

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