Oops! Where’s the Proofreader???

I was on vacation last week, and even though I didn’t post a new blog, my brain just can’t shut off. We were fixing dinner one evening, and I pulled out the new bottle of olive oil. I did a double take when I saw this label:


Seriously??? Did someone say, “Hmmm, not sure how to spell this, so I’ll spell it two different ways so I have a 50/50 chance of getting it right”?  And no, it isn’t the Italian spelling; that is “olio extra vergine di oliva.”

I could almost forgive this type of error in the middle of a long paragraph (almost), but on a label with less than a dozen words? AND the same word spelled correctly just below the incorrect spelling?

Okay, righteous indignation aside, these mistakes are fun to find, so I’m challenging all my readers to a scavenger hunt for labels and signs with misspellings. Send them to me at cyjohnson5580@gmail.com (nothing that’s copyrighted, please), and I’ll do a post with photos once I receive several.

Happy Hunting!


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