How and Why to Start Blogging in 4 Easy Steps: Every Writer Has a Story to Tell

Today I welcome guest blogger Liam O’Dell, who caught my attention several months ago with his enthusiastic and entertaining blogs about his writing and his many passions. I hope you’ll enjoy “meeting” him and will make a point to visit him at The Life of a Thinker.

How and Why to Start Blogging
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Hello everyone, it’s nice to meet you. I am a fellow blogger and writer. I thought that for this guest blog that Candace has kindly let me do, I shall talk about an element of writing with the hope of inspiring you and making you think.

Some of this blog post involves me making presumptions,  the main one being that some of you aren’t bloggers yourselves. This is the same as me: I have a blog, but have only done it since August of last year, so I’m still a “newbie,” as it were. So, I thought I would provide advice on how to start blogging. Why? Because it has greatly improved my writing. So, here we go!

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Step One–Find the Idea: As the title suggests, everyone has a story to tell. If you don’t know what your “story” might be, think about your hobbies and what you could have a lot of opinions on. Don’t worry about whether you will write lots of blog posts about it or not, just find a hobby or passion. When you have done that, you then have the notion to start a blog.

Step Two: Set Up the Blog, But Don’t Post About the “Idea” Yet: Once you have created your blog URL and name, great! But before you write about your idea, there’s one thing readers wants to know before they read your posts.

Step Three: Who Are You?: Before you start blogging, people will want to know who you are. You can either do this on an “About” page or explain a little bit about yourself on the first blog post, your choice. The first post is great to introduce yourself, as that is when people get to know you, and an “About” page is just as helpful as it is a permanent page on the website that allows readers to establish a link with you.

Step Four: Blog Away on Your Idea, Sharing Your Opinions on Different Aspects: So, you’ve welcomed viewers, now to start the blogging itself. You should be able to come up with a few ideas for the first few posts and then more ideas should come around after that. For example, if you were writing a post about tennis, you could write one post about the current Australian Open, then another could be about a particular tennis player. Then you could go on to talk about your opinions.

So there we have it. Let me know if you have set up a blog as I shall take a look and follow! Message me at The Life of a Thinker.


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