A New Drawing for FREE EDITING

Drawing for FREE EDITING
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When I checked my stats this morning (come on, admit it, you check yours, too!), I discovered that I now have fifty Facebook “likes.”

A big thank you to everyone who has already “liked” my Facebook page! In honor of those fifty people (who are enjoying all the great content I share there), I’m offering another drawing for FREE EDITING. All your names will be entered into a drawing, and the winner will receive copyediting at no charge for any 1,500-word document submitted to me on or before August 1, 2013. I’ll announce the winner here on Saturday, February 16.

I love to start my day by reading other bloggers posts and writing- and publishing-related stuff I find on the Internet, and I usually find at least one gem to post on my Facebook page. You’ll miss them if you’re only reading this blog, so to encourage you to take a look. I’ll also award the same FREE EDITING to one of the next 25 people who clicks “like” on my Facebook page–they will be entered into their own drawing, and those are great odds! Go ahead–you know you can use some free, professional editing for something you’re writing, and by August 1, you’ll be glad you have that “win” in your back pocket!

If I have 25 new Facebook “likes” by next Saturday, I’ll announce that winner as well. Good luck to everyone, and Happy Writing (and clicking)!


FREE EDITING! Like my Facebook page here!

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