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One of the things I love most about being a freelance editor is the variety of editing I get to do. Once these manuscripts and projects are published, they’ll be added to my Published Projects page; until then, I must respect the authors’ anonymity. If you have a project you’d like to discuss, contact me at or call (954) 348-1963.

Here are just a few of my recent projects:

Book Proposals:

  • Parenting book about helping children learn skills for happiness
  • Healing from anxiety and depression
  • Healing through yoga
  • Motivational self-help/memoir about near death experience
  • Anthology about immigrant women in positions of leadership
  • Self-help about eating disorders
  • Self-help business book—45,000 words
  • Self-help about the science of falling—and staying—in love
  • Children’s picture book about the importance of sleep
  • Importance of sleep and how it leads to success
  • Diagnosing and treating digestive issues
  • Planning for a Christian pregnancy
  • Memoir set in Italy
  • Self-help/memoir about teenage stroke victim

Substantive Editing, Line Editing, Copyediting, and Proofreading for traditional and self-publishing authors (as-yet unpublished manuscripts):


  • Horror novella—20,000 words
  • Young adult novella—25,000 words
  • Fantasy novel—129,000 words
  • Fantasy novel—82,000 words
  • Young adult fantasy novel—57,000 words
  • Dystopian novel—115,000 words
  • Mystery—95,000 words
  • Contemporary women’s fiction—95,000 words
  • Short story collection—15,000 words


  • Humorous memoir about using willpower to diet
  • Memoir about living with Lyme disease
  • Self-help business book—45,000 words
  • Self-help book about overeating and dieting
  • Memoir about a summer spent at camp in the 1950s
  • Memoir about growing up in 1960s Detroit
  • Proposal and sample chapters for anthology of immigrant women in positions of leadership
  • Sample chapters and proposal for relationship self-help
  • Self-help diet book
  • Self-help book about addiction and recovery
  • Self-help book about gut health
  • Sample chapters for proposal about healing the mind
  • Memoir by former business executive
  • Sample chapters for book proposal about sleep
  • Sample chapters for book proposal about IBS
  • Memoir set in Italy
  • Self-help/memoir about teenage stroke victim

Manuscript reviews/evaluations:


  • Historical fiction novel—124,000 words
  • Psychological thriller—65,000 words
  • Spirituality novel—68,000 words
  • Paranormal/historical fiction—75,000 words
  • Contemporary mystery set in a Southern town—64,000 words
  • Action-adventure with time travel between present and WWII—80,000 words
  • Contemporary women’s fiction—61,000 words
  • Contemporary romance—94,000 words
  • Contemporary novel set in a spiritual recovery center—105,000 words
  • Dystopian novel—110,000 words


  • Memoir about living with OCD and depression
  • Memoir about life abroad—107,000 words
  • Biography set in 1930s—40,000 words
  • Travel memoir—102,000 words
  • Self-help book about attachment theory and addiction—80,000 words



  • Outline and synopsis for dystopian novel
  • Fictionalized week at a spiritual recovery center—105,000 words


  • Self-help book about connecting with your inner child
  • Revision of self-help memoir
  • Self-help memoir about grieving
  • Book of personal essays
  • Workbook for women based on self-help book


I also provide editing for articles and blog posts; a few are listed below:

Published Articles 

◦”Sleep Resolutions!” by Terry Cralle, RN, in BedPostBlog

◦”Let’s Teach Children About Sleep” by Terry Cralle, RN, and W. David Brown, M.D. in and The Huffington Post

◦ “Who’s the Bigger Sexist, Donald or Bill?” by Patricia O’Gorman, PhD in

◦ “The Four Stages of Love (Explained by Neuroscience)” by Dawn Maslar in

◦ “Tips to Avoid Oversleeping” by Terry Cralle, RN, in

◦ “8 Health Hacks: Can More Sleep Help Fight the Flu?” by Terry Cralle, RN, in MediaPlanetUSA

◦ “An Education in Sleep” by Terry Cralle, RN, in

◦ “On Your Mark, Get Sleep—Go!” by Terry Cralle, RN, in

◦ “Sleep Tips for Your Next Hotel Stay” by Terry Cralle, RN, in

◦ “How to Overcome Aches and Pains to Improve Your Sleep” by Terry Cralle, RN in

◦ “A Good Night for All Children: The Impact of the Pajama Program on Children’s Sleep Health and Wellness” by Terry Cralle, RN, MS, and W. David Brown, M.D.

◦  “Am I a Scrooge?” by Christa Wojciechowski on


◦   “Leaky Gut Syndrome: The Underlying Cause in Many Digestive Issues” by Vincent Pedre, MD in

◦   We Skipped Dating and Got Married” by Maureen Francisco on She Is

◦   “Still Time to Re-Think Your New Year’s Resolutions!” by Patricia O’Gorman on Aging

◦   “Abuse: The Gift That Never Stops Giving” by Dorothy Sander, at Huffington Post/Post 50

◦   “When Your Girly Thoughts Hit You in the Face” by Patricia O’Gorman, PhD in Counselor Magazine

◦   “Self-Limiting Thoughts: Kick the Habit, Step into Your Power” by Patricia O’Gorman, PhD, at Top Leaders in Leadership

◦    “Beauty, Resilience, and Claiming Your Personal Power: How Your Girly Thoughts Rob You of Appreciating Your Beauty” by Patricia O’Gorman, PhD, in Identity Magazine

◦   “Do You Trip Over Your Girly Thoughts at Work?” by Patricia O’Gorman, PhD, at The Savvy Gal

◦   “Here’s the Biggest Problem with Campus Rape” by Angela Rose for HLN

◦   “Abducted: From Victim to Survivor” by Angela Rose for HLN

◦   “Six Ways to Improve Your Work Ethic, Get Ahead, and Learn the Secrets of Successful Immigrants” by Maureen Francisco on Huffington Post

◦   “The New Job Search” by Maureen Francisco at Young Upstarts

and dozens of blogs for numerous authors.

If you want to learn more about how a freelance editor can help you, please contact me at cyjohnson5580@gmail or (954)348-1963. I look forward to hearing from you!

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