Grammar Shaming for Just $0.99

photo courtesy of Apple iTunes Store
photo courtesy of Apple iTunes Store

Whether or not you are part of the Apple world, you’re probably aware by now of the new iOS app called Grammar Snob. Articles about it abound; for a mere $0.99 you can correct errors in your friends’ iMessages like a boss.

When I read the first reports about the app, I had mixed feelings: on one hand, anything that might help writers learn the difference between there, their, and they’re has to be a good thing, right? But on the other hand, Continue reading “Grammar Shaming for Just $0.99”

Resumptives and Summatives and Appositives, oh my!

Resumptive and Summative and AppositivesAs many of you know, I was out of town for the past ten days. I visited my elderly father (an exercise in patience and resilience), my twenty-three-year-old daughter (more resilience), and dear friends. It was a fun but exhausting trip.

All this is a way to say I’m just now catching up on reading blogs from the past week. In the chaos of traveling, I missed National Grammar Day, but now I’m happy to share my favorite tribute blog with you, my loyal readers. Oliver Gray always has interesting things to say at Literature and Libation, and this post is one I read and thought, “I wish I’d written that!”

So without further ado, here is Oliver’s take on Resumptive and Summative and Appositives—enjoy!

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