8 Comparisons of Goodreads and LibraryThing

logo4_mediumWith the recent purchase of Goodreads by Amazon, I thought a side-by-side look at Goodreads and LibraryThing (in which Amazon also holds part ownership) might be helpful to anyone considering one of these reader sites.goodreads-logo

Below is the first of two parts of an article by Book Riot staff editor Amanda Nelson; the link to Part Two is at the bottom of the first article. Together they cover:

  1. adding books to your library
  2. book recommendations
  3. stats
  4. user interface
  5. discussions and groups
  6. reviews
  7. author interactions
  8. other notable stuff and things

And a final summary of the two sites. If you belong to either site, or you are considering joining one or the other, you’ll want to read both articles.

Goodreads v. LibraryThing- Part One.

Happy Reading!