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How Descriptive Are Your Verbs?
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If you’re looking for a great descriptive verb for your latest word picture, look no farther! This printable bookmark is filled with choices for creating dialogue, compelling descriptions of your character’s antics, or though-provoking sentences in any style or genre. as Debbie Maxwell Allen wrote in her blog, “Sentences that use walked, sat, and thought pale in comparison to stalked, sprawled, and stewed. However, don’t label yourself as a failure if strong verbs don’t automatically show up in your manuscript. Adding stronger verbs is something you do in your rewriting.”

Print this out on card stock for a handy reference that’s always at the ready—and another big thank you to artist Ginny Millard at for creating it. Please visit Ginny’s website and let her know how much you appreciate having all these fantastic word choices at your fingertips.

If you like the idea of a bookmark filled with words, you’ll find another filled with Synonyms for Said in an earlier blog.

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This bookmark originally appeared in the post You Are Not Alone.